Rules and Information
Want to know what RPG-D is all about? Here you can find all the rules and information that you need to know.
4 Threads 4 Posts Helpful Information
01-01-2014, 07:06 PM
by The Staff Team
News and Updates
Latest news, events and updates will be recorded here by the staff team.
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224 Threads 3,612 Posts The Orange Ninjas Are Hir...
4 hours ago
by Voodooized
Welcoming Floor
New and want to make yourself known around here? This is a good place to start. Introduce yourself, and let the warm welcomes flow in!
3,029 Threads 26,748 Posts *Moonwalks in*
2 hours ago
by Lethee
Letters to Staff
Post here with any questions, concerns, reports, or any messages you would like to relay to the staff team.
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1,583 Threads 11,319 Posts Report Errors Here
01-29-2015, 11:13 PM
'D Thread Trackers
Create your RPG-D portfolio here to keep track of all your submissions!
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367 Threads 1,593 Posts Badge Applications
Today, 01:00 AM
by Sassy Peter

Directory Submissions
Want to advertise on our Directory? Submit your advertisements here! When it's approved, it will be moved to the right board.
5 Threads 14 Posts Archive My Directory List...
21 minutes ago
by Viktoria Gray
Original Human RPGs 89 Threads 651 Posts Keep The Dream Alive
Yesterday, 01:12 AM
by AimeeStar
Original Fantasy/Sci Fi RPG's 170 Threads 1,333 Posts SEVEN
Less than 1 minute ago
by Andieduck
Specific Fandom RPG's 130 Threads 967 Posts Final Prophecy
9 minutes ago
by Lance
Other Fandom / Crossover RPGs 247 Threads 1,719 Posts A Place With No Name
1 hour ago
by Monique
Non RPG's 18 Threads 110 Posts [jcink]Herbs and Spices (...
01-30-2015, 01:43 PM
by Monique

Managing Your Board
Discuss everything related to managing your forum/RPG. From ideas to starting it up, getting members, problems and everything else with having to do with running your own forum!
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9,115 Threads 136,927 Posts OC vs Canon power treshho...
1 hour ago
by Ahkmenrah
Interest Check
Do you have an idea for an RPG? Already wrote out a first draft for a plot, but not sure if there's interest for it? Post a topic and find out if people would like to see your idea become reality.
2,967 Threads 28,459 Posts Dragon BALL?
51 minutes ago
by Grinn
Roleplay Talk
We all enjoy talking about our roleplaying, so come in here to indulge yourself with some quality discussion about the many facets of roleplaying.
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10,623 Threads 210,877 Posts Wanted: Rippling Nordic P...
1 hour ago
by shipwrecks
Board Analysis
Would you like your forum to be analyzed? Get tips, ideas, or maybe you simply want to know how your board is doing. Come in here and let others analyze your forum.
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1,967 Threads 10,940 Posts Dango Daikazoku
Yesterday, 10:53 PM
by Lance

Requesting RPG
Are you looking for an RPG, and checked through the directory, but still can't find what you're looking for? Make a topic here, and you may just find your perfect RPG!
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3,526 Threads 48,666 Posts Supervillain Sorceress
42 minutes ago
by Karsimir
Roleplay Buddy Search
Wish you could find people to partner with before you joined a board? Come here to find people with similar roleplay interests. Post your own ad and reply to others.
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1,185 Threads 5,520 Posts do you like fantasy or dy...
11 hours ago
by Memoria
Character Wanted Ads
Are you looking for someone to fill a particular role on your board or in a plot? Post in here to list the character(s) you are searching to be filled on your board/in your plot. Please read the pinned topic before posting.
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4,253 Threads 13,778 Posts Remember That You Must Di...
50 minutes ago
by adcaelum
Affiliation Program
Searching for affiliates? Need to exchange banners with other rpg's? Come in here, and find the perfect affiliate. Make a topic yourself, or find one in the already-made topics.
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1,098 Threads 7,686 Posts Gundam ATS needs friends!
11 hours ago
by Memoria
Employment Center
Need people to help you on your board? Need permanent staff members, or a person you need who wants to make a board from scratch? In here you can ask for other members to help you! If you'd like to offer your services to a board in need, head to the Job Request Center.
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2,712 Threads 7,593 Posts Coder Here For You
11 hours ago
by Memoria
Site & Plot Exchange 79 Threads 262 Posts Promised (jcink)
01-29-2015, 04:15 AM
by SithLordOfSnark

Role-Playing Game Guides
Do you run an RPG and don't really know where to start? This section includes documentations about running a site, guides admins can post for their members and an ample collection of information about story-telling.
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338 Threads 2,433 Posts Customizable Newbie Guide
01-30-2015, 05:40 AM
by mariari
Support and Coding
Documentations on creating successful skins, what properties do what, coding principles, and other documentations that support the development of your forum etc.
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184 Threads 1,161 Posts [MyBB/SelfHost] Editing W...
01-28-2015, 03:25 PM
by Memoria
Graphics and Forum Art
Look through our database for graphics tutorials to improve your graphics skills or learn something new! You are also encouraged to submit your own tutorials or request new ones!
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251 Threads 1,252 Posts Purple Fusion [Signature]
11-15-2014, 10:43 PM
by Scarey Kerri

Members' Choice
This is a themed competition run by the RPG-D Directory Team, where staff members of sites in our directory can sign up to compete and win free advertising space.
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504 Threads 10,398 Posts MC #73: 50,000 Posts
1 hour ago
by Dr. Frankenstein
Graphics Challenges
GC #219 WINNER: Menken ! (ENTRY) A non-personified animation film canon rpg. Welcome to the world of D'Isigny; forget the stories you know, you're writing a new one!
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778 Threads 4,462 Posts GC #226: The Little Detai...
1 hour ago
by shipwrecks
Support Center Challenges
CSS#12 WINNER: Saphira ! (Time, Space, and Chips) The remaining Time Lords begin to rebuild their lives, the Doctor travels with his companion Clara, Torchwood spans the globe, and the Time Agency has returned. Where's your place?
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243 Threads 1,196 Posts CSS #12
01-26-2015, 07:17 PM
by SithLordOfSnark
Writing Challenges
#109 WINNER: STOUTMARS ! (ENTRY) Before there was Batman, there was Gotham. No word count. No applications.
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486 Threads 2,855 Posts WC #111: Sonnet-mania
Today, 01:52 AM
by Juneberry
Community Challenges
#20 WINNER: Voodooized ! (ENTRY) When the sun comes down, the handcuffs come out.
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62 Threads 273 Posts CC #22: THE PHANTOM RETUR...
Today, 04:55 AM
by Juneberry

Coding Portfolio
Showcase those coding abilities! This is the place for you to set all of your work to display in one topic, your own coding portfolio on RPG-D.
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46 Threads 427 Posts Underground Army
10 hours ago
by Memoria
Help Me 3,927 Threads 22,578 Posts Rotating background image...
10 hours ago
by Memoria
Coding & Skinning Learning Center
Ask questions about coding, read tutorials, take classes, etc.
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140 Threads 834 Posts Kaetun has tried to skin
Yesterday, 02:55 AM
by All Perspicacity
Code Requests
Need a skin or template made? Request them here! Looking for a specific type of premade skin? You've come to the right place for all your code request, and skin searching needs!
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392 Threads 2,219 Posts Nothing too fancy
10 hours ago
by Memoria
The Codex
The Coding Center / Coding Index is a coding database with codes that can be installed to enrich your forum. Skinning tutorials are not found here.
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78 Threads 1,100 Posts Affiliate Box In Footer
01-25-2015, 02:40 AM
by tambourine
The Postdex
Here you can find all those fun resources for your posts and informational topics, or submit your own templates to our ever growing database!
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803 Threads 3,768 Posts The Tomi 02082013 Plot Pa...
Yesterday, 08:40 PM
by Shezza
The Skindex
Our skindex is filled with many skins, themes and styles for different forum and blog softwares. To give your RPG the best look that fits with your genre and community. Look here to find the perfect look, or submit your own work to our skindex!
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734 Threads 5,788 Posts [MyBB] Escher
Yesterday, 06:49 AM
by absolutelybarmy

Graphics & Art Portfolio
Showcase those artistic abilities! This is the place for you to set all of your work to display in one topic, your own art portfolio on RPG-D, comprising everything from graphics you've made to drawings and photography.
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494 Threads 5,081 Posts Familiar Taste Of Poison
01-26-2015, 03:41 PM
by Lady Loki
Graphics Request Station
Need some graphics made for your forum, or a new set? Request them here!
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1,364 Threads 18,229 Posts ProBoards Site Layout
10 hours ago
by Lady Hyde
Play-By Icons
Find the perfect play-by by looking at the archived icon sets in here! We encourage you to post your own, but please read the pinned rules first.
Sub Forums:
942 Threads 1,773 Posts Huang Zitao
Today, 04:25 AM
by Murderous Siren
Artsy Chatter
Where we talk about art and all graphics 24/7/365(or 6)!
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166 Threads 1,496 Posts Anime and Manga Graphics ...
Yesterday, 04:30 AM
by Bonbon.
Graphical Gifts
For anybody and everybody to use. Remember to comment and say thanks!
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621 Threads 2,651 Posts Hyde's First Stock Pack!
01-27-2015, 04:23 AM
by Lady Hyde
Graphics Learning Center
Look through our database for tutorials or ask for help in the help forum. You are also encouraged to submit your own tutorials or request new ones!
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132 Threads 820 Posts Forum Buttons
6 hours ago
by Malefic

Writing Library 3,671 Threads 6,320 Posts Chocolate Trauma [WC#111]
Yesterday, 01:20 AM
by Juneberry
Writing Portfolios
Need to keep track of all your writing? Well feel free to post them here so others can read them all in one place!
94 Threads 153 Posts June's Berry Blurbs
01-18-2015, 12:17 AM
by Juneberry
Literary Cafe
The Literary Cafe is a place to discuss all things to do with writing and literature, whether your own writing, or the talent of others.
Sub Forums:
681 Threads 7,009 Posts Teeth: The First Bite by ...
Today, 04:14 AM
by Fierce Gwen
Inspiration Station
Finding it difficult to get going? Perhaps you're looking for a new project to work on. Use our Inspiration Station to spark ideas, be it prose, poetry, new characters, or the idea for a new RP.
28 Threads 196 Posts Exercises and activities ...
Today, 12:03 AM
by Juneberry
Writing Workshop
Use our Writing Workshop in order to gain feedback and opinions from other writers and readers. Inside we offer Critiques and Beta Reading for your pieces, and the opportunity to offer your services to others.
Sub Forums:
76 Threads 236 Posts Beta Reading Guidelines &...
01-14-2015, 07:08 PM
by The Staff Team
Writing Learning Centre
Do you need help with a story or an RP setting? Perhaps you want tips on how to write a type of character convincingly. Use our Learning Centre, not only to learn from other's experience via tutorials and documentations, but also connect with members who can offer their expertise one on one.
Sub Forums:
96 Threads 507 Posts Ask Me Anything Guideline...
01-19-2015, 05:59 PM
by The Staff Team
Open Roleplaying
Open roleplaying in a variety of genres, led by you, the members. Featuring RP Beta Testing, which allows members to test ideas, get input and drum up excitement before opening a full RP. Beta Tests that successfully launch as full sites are promoted above.
Sub Forums:
314 Threads 2,721 Posts Climbing Up The Walls (Śa...
01-26-2015, 10:15 AM
by Śaraṯkṣati

RPG-D Lounging
The RPG-D Lounge. Where you can relax, grab a seat and chat, poll and play games with your fellow members.
Sub Forums:
3,313 Threads 71,672 Posts Random Facts About Yourse...
Today, 12:17 AM
by Juneberry
Community Whispers 2,740 Threads 38,690 Posts Every rage quit a video g...
Yesterday, 02:00 AM
by Juneberry
Debating Stage 908 Threads 27,944 Posts Promoting Unhealthy Weigh...
01-29-2015, 11:11 PM
by Firelord Kesra

Registrar's Office
Information about using RPG-D University
Sub Forums:
14 Threads 40 Posts You've Got Questions, We'...
01-04-2015, 04:30 AM
by Sassy Peter
Foundation Learning
Core classes for the every-day roleplayer
0 Threads 0 Posts
Graphics Hall
Want to learn about graphics? Check out the classes here.
0 Threads 0 Posts
Support Hall
Want to learn about coding? Check out the classes here.
0 Threads 0 Posts
Writing Hall
Want to learn about writing? Check out the classes here.
0 Threads 0 Posts
Elective Classes
Interested in something completely different? Check out the classes here.
1 Threads 15 Posts So You Think You Can Ferr...
Today, 12:58 AM
by MusewithMe
Teacher's Lounge
Looking for a specific teacher? View information about them and their video tutorials here!
18 Threads 79 Posts Mistress' Office
08-17-2014, 04:29 AM
by Snarky JARVIS
Creative Commons
Still have thoughts, questions or comments after the class has ended? Discuss them here! Please be sure to label all threads with Classroom Title - Time/Date so everyone knows which class is being discussed.
Sub Forums:
67 Threads 361 Posts So You Think You Can Ferr...
Today, 02:21 AM
by MusewithMe
Classes that are finished will be moved here. Teachers may find their old classes to reuse text for re-proposing a class for the new schedule. Threads in here can be viewed, but not replied to or edited.
131 Threads 2,629 Posts APA: After Partner Abando...
10-20-2014, 12:53 AM
by The Mad Hattress

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